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Because your volume will go up, and your expenses will stay the same, you will be able to leverage your company sales to create more profits.


Our experience to structure deals allow us to get your returns closer to market value than alternative means.


We are ready to execute proper due-diligence, buyer outreach, marketing, bidding, closing of the sale, and post-closing activities.


We seek to understand your goals and objectives, then underwrite the loan or loan portfolio and recommend the most effective sale strategy that meets your goals.


Reach worldwide markets to grow your sales in an unlimited marketplace while letting us manage your campaign and the fascilitate importing & exporting.


When your market grows suddenly, we  provide factoring  to balance your cash flow which keeps you viable for increased sales.

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Mr. Wigley has bought, sold, and marketed properties and various goods and services, internationally, since 1976.


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By providing our clients with exclusive representation we are able to maximize recoveries and provide certainty of execution, resulting in returns closer to market value than alternative means.

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“It is my honor to save banks time and money. The process is simple but effective at helping financial institutions.“

Fred Wigley