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The core values behind my work


We underwrite your asset with comparison to other assets, and create an in-depth report of all factors of value that apply to the asset.


We always sign non-disclosure agreements, for the bank's protection.


Assurance that the value comparison to the bank's assets are in the specific market the assets are located.


We provide full disclosure to our clients where and how we arrived at our estimated price.


Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to begin now?

Would you like for us to eliminate the time and effort of preventing financial drain on you and your bank? Because our goal at GOITM is to work together for the benefit of everyone involved, we offer free consultation and require only about an hour to begin that process.

How will this help my bank?

Consider all the time and effort NPAs & OREOs take from your bank. By letting us offload your distressed assets, with our proven tools, you can avoid negative economic changes while having more time to focus on your day-to-day bank operations.

How much effort will this take?

A LOT. We will take a lot of the work load from you, ultimately resulting in more free-time for yourself so you can get back to doing more important things. So, it takes a lot of effort, on our side, from yours.

What is your process for HANDLING NPA & OREO PROBLEMS?

We specialize in helping banks offload distressed assets while maximizing returns. We eliminate bad debt easily, after we underwrite the assets, create a custom marketing plan, and connect with our qualified buyers. We also make it extra easy for you by handling the closing & post-closing activities.

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